Otto Jarl (1856 - 1915) was born in 1856 in Upsala-Län Sweden and died in Vienna Austria in 1915. He began his studies in Stockholm at the Technical School under Bjornstjerne Bjornson. He started doing portrait sculpture but moved to Vienna where he changed to animal sculpture. He worked under Jos Weitmann and later at the Art Academy he studied under E. V. Hellmer and F. Schmidt.

Jarl is best known for his fine animal sculptures and he created many models for Meissen in 1903 and 1904, and sculpted for other porcelain companies in the early 1900s. His works for Meissen included a large Polar Bear, a large Sea Lion, and several dogs. He lived most of his life in Vienna Austria and is known as one of the finest Austrian animal sculptors of the time.

His Animalier works are well modeled and true to life and have been cast in bronze and cold painted in the Vienna bronze tradition and also cast by Swedish foundries with traditional brown patinas. Jarl also created a large seated Lion Monument to Major Hackher who was the defender of the Grazer Castle mountain against the French siege in 1890. His works are in the collections of the Stockholm National Museum and several Viennese Museums.

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