Contemporary and Decorative Sculptures Priced Under $1000

Click this image to view the Ray Cox Shih Tzu Dog bronze sculpture

Shih Tzu Dog: Ray Cox.: Ray Cox, a contemporary American sculptor, has created a small shaggy dog, most likely a Shih Tzu or Lhasa Apso. These ancient dog breeds were very popular as temple guards and also for pets and companions, but are not often shown in art. The bronze is signed and dated 1985, and is cast number 7 of only 20 made. It has a dark brown patina and is mounted on a 7/8" thick walnut wood base.

Price: $95.00

Click this image to view the Gorham Wolf bronze sculpture

Wolf: Gorham.: A powerful model of a running wolf titled Shadow Runner, this bronze is a contemporary sculpture cast by the famous Gorham Foundry. Unfortunately the artist did not sign it but it is very well done and would be enjoyed by anyone interested in wolves or Western bronzes.

Price: $125.00

Click this image to view the Chris Lecter Pintail Ducks bronze sculpture

Pintail Ducks: Chris Lecter.: Chris Lecter is a contemporary American sculptor specializing in wildfowl. This is a well modeled bronze of a pair Pintail Ducks resting. The male is watching over his mate while she preens her feathers. The bronze is very well detailed, it is cast # 4 of 35, it has a rich dark brown patina and is mounted on a 1" thick by 6" long walnut wood base.

Price: $145.00

Click this image to view the Unsigned American Borzoi bronze sculpture

Borzoi: Unsigned American.: The Russian Wolfhound or Borzoi has been a favorite dog breed to portray in art. This rather simple impressionistic bronze was done in the 1930s when Borzoi were popular dogs. It is American but it is not signed by the artist. The bronze is a heavy solid cast and finished in a rich brown patina with a hint of green.

Price: $155.00

Click this image to view the Cindy Burleson Cat

Cat "Lunchtime!": Cindy Burleson.: Cindy Burleson is a contemporary Texas sculptor who is noted for her large monument titled Fallen Warriors in Pflugerville Texas and a monument on the grounds of the University of Texas in Austin. She specializes in animal sculpture and has done many fine small bronzes of wildlife and domestic animals.

This sitting Cat is titled Lunchtime!. She is anticipating her meal and the 5 inch tall bronze is mounted on a 2 inch tall round walnut base with a plaque with the title of the work, and that it is cast # 2 of 25 produced.

An appealing bronze by a fine contemporary Texas sculptor, this Cat has sharp detail and a nice expression as she waits for supper.

Price: $195.00

Click this image to view the Unsigned French Fighting Sparrows bronze sculpture

Fighting Sparrows: Unsigned French.: This French 19th century sculpture is made from regule which is a zinc alloy used during the 1870s. At that time, bronze metal was very expensive and hard to get due to the Franco Prussian war and many sculptors had their work cast in regule which is also known as white bronze. These casts are well detailed and finished, but they are quite rare today. The regule metal is softer and few have survived. The subject of Fighting Sparrows is a popular one, it was done by Comolera, Moigniez, Pautrot, Hingre, and others. This well detailed Combat de Moineaux has a bronze patina.

Price: $235.00

Click this image to view the Antonin Mara Colt bronze sculpture

Colt: Antonin Mara.: A well sculpted bronze of a Colt kicking up his heels signed Mara by the Czech sculptor Antonin Mara (1877-1946) who specialized in animals. This lively model captures the high spirits of a young horse as he frolics. The Colt is mounted on the original 7/8" thick by 5 7/8" long black marble base and has a dark brown patina.

Price: $250.00

Click this image to view the Christine Baldwin Terrier bronze sculpture

Terrier: Christine Baldwin.: Christine Baldwin was a master at portraying purebred dogs and her bronzes were of many dog breeds. This little Terrier might be a Cairn, a West Highland White Terrier, or maybe a Scottish Terrier. This happy dog is sitting up begging for attention. He is signed and dated 1986 on the base and stamped as cast number 1 in an edition of 50 bronzes. We also have a Bloodhound and a Pig by Christine Baldwin, please ask.

Price: $265.00

Click this image to view the Juan Dell Indian Thunder Pipe bronze sculpture

Indian Thunder Pipe: Juan Dell.: Juan Dell was born in 1933 in Texas and she became a sculptor in 1968. She specializes in Western subjects, creating sensitive portraits of Native American men and women. Her work is cast by the House Bronze foundry. This is a bronze of an Indian titled "Thunder Pipe" who must have been a Medicine Man with his pipe and horned headdress. The bronze has a brown patina, it is signed and numbered cast 6 of 50, it is mounted on the original walnut wood base. Her bronzes sell up in the thousands but we offer this one at a reasonable price.

Price: $325.00

Click this image to view the E. Egan Bear with Jug bronze sculpture

Bear with Jug: E. Egan.: This is an amusing small bronze of a Bear with a Jug leaning back against a tree trunk. It is signed E. Egan who is an American Western sculptor, and it was cast by the well known Heikka Bronze foundry. It is dated 1970 and is cast # 35 of 100. The Bear looks like he is enjoying life and perhaps relaxing with a jug of honey he has stolen. Bears are always popular in sculpture and this one would make a nice companion on a desk or shelf.

Price: $395.00

Click this image to view the Les Welliver Indian bronze sculpture

Indian: Les Welliver.: Les Welliver (1920-1989) was a contemporary American Western sculptor born in North Dakota who lived and worked in Kalispell, Montana. In the early 1960s Les did a large scale carved wood mural of the Old West for waiting room of the Lockridge Medical Clinic in Whitefish MT that was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. He also carved the Risen Christ figure and the tabernacle door of the Risen Christ Catholic Parrish in Kalispell. Les was best known for his wood carvings of Indians and his Western theme and wildlife bronze sculptures.

This unusual bronze is a caricature of a Native American Indian standing with his spear. His proportions show that this is not a serious sculpture and is of a more humorous nature. The bronze is signed, dated 1967, and numbered 1 of 30. It is mounted on a 2 1/4" thick piece of polished desert wood.

It is doubtful that the full run of 30 bronzes in this edition were ever cast due to the high cost of bronze foundry work. Most likely only 2 or 3 casts were made, which makes this a rare piece. A different Western sculpture by a talented sculptor, this fellow would be enjoyed by any collector with a sense of humor.

Price: $425.00

Click this image to view the Isidore Jules Bonheur Agricultural Plaque bronze sculpture

Agricultural Plaque: Isidore Jules Bonheur.: A 19th century finely detailed bas-relief plaque of Cattle and Sheep by Isidore Bonheur.   The sculptor creates the feeling of depth with the heads of the Bull and the Cow rising away from the background. The plaque is mounted to a 7" by 10 1/2" oak panel. It has a presentation on the oak panel which says "Ste D'Enct A L'Agriculture De La Dordogne. 1929".  This Award dedication is newer than the 19th century plaque.  It was a common practice after the First World War through the 1930'sto use an older Animalier work and place a dedication on it for an agriculture prize or award. 

Price: $550.00

Click this image to view the Franz Ziegler Chow Chow Dog bronze sculpture

Chow Chow Dog: Franz Ziegler.: Franz F. Ziegler was born in Hamburg, Germany on December 5th 1869, and came to America in 1892 where he first studied under Karl Bitter. In the early 1900s he became a contract artist for the Gorham Company foundry in Providence, Rhode Island until his retirement in 1932. He produced silver designs and bronze sculptures that were sold by Gorham in their store for several years. Little is known about this competent American sculptor.

Chow Chow dogs were very popular in the early 1900s. This portrait of a Chow Chow dog is a very well executed portrait of the breed, showing the thick coat and lion like head. It is signed and dated 1915, and finished the deep brown patina used by Gorham Foundry.

Price: $595.00

Click this image to view the John Fincher Dog and Game bronze sculpture

Dog and Game: John Fincher.: John Fincher is a contemporary Western artist. He was born in Texas in 1941, and lives in New Mexico. He is best known for his paintings. This bronze of a Setter carrying a Pheasant is very similar to a work by Pautrot and may have been created as a study piece. It is signed John Fincher, dated 1978, and titled "Dog and Game". The bronze is finished in a rich brown patina and this large bronze would be enjoyed by both collectors of canine art and of sporting art.

Price: $625.00

Click this image to view the Pierre Jules Mene Mare and Stallion (mini) bronze sculpture

Mare and Stallion (mini): Pierre Jules Mene.: The Accolade was one of Mene's most famous works, and a model of this sculpture was first exhibited in the Paris Salon of 1852. It immediately met with vast public approval and success and was eventually cast in three sizes.

This one is the smallest size and is considered a miniature. Mene did several of his full size models in miniatures and they are quite rare today. Interestingly, in this miniature version, both horses are stallions while the original model showed a stallion and a mare. The bronze has a light brown patina and is mounted on the original 1" thick by 5 5/8" long beveled rouge marble base.

Price: $895.00