The Bronze Gallery web site is put together like a book and like a book you will find a table of contents and an index.

The European Sculptors and American Sculptors pages, which are available from the menu bars at the top and bottom of every page, are our table of contents. On these two pages we have all artists listed in alphabetical order. From the European or American Sculptor's pages click on the name of any artist to go to a brief biography. The images you see below the biography are the bronzes that we currently have for sale by that artist. Click on any of the displayed images to go to a page containing detailed information about that bronze. After you arrive at the bronze page if you would like to see a larger photo of the bronze click on the image located on the right. The navigation bars at the top and bottom of every page will take you back to the sculptor's alphabetical listings from anywhere in our site as well as to other main areas of The Bronze Gallery.

The Subject index has every bronze on the web site sorted by subject. If you are looking for dogs or cats or just do not know which artist to look at choose this navigation bar selection. You will be taken directly to the bronze sculpture from the index page. From the sculpture page you can click on the artist's biography link to read about the artist who created the sculpture or use the text link "Back to Previous Page" or your browser's back button to return to your exact location in the subject index so you can look at another bronze of the same subject. You will also find our Site Search here. Our Site Search will allow you to search our entire site with your criteria. More information is available by clicking search help on the subject index page. Subject Index is one of the navigation bar choices that you will find at the top and bottom of every page.

On the Books & Links page you will find books on Bronze Sculpture that we are currently offering for sale. These are used, out of print books and our selection will change depending on what we are able to locate and which books have been sold. To inquire about any book click on its image. If you are looking for a specific title and do not see it please with your request. From the Books & Links page you can go to our links pages (two of them). The first page has links to other sculpture dealers web sites, art galleries, and museums. To get to the second links page click on the button at the bottom of the page marked More Links. The second links page has galleries who specialize in contemporary art and artists. Books & Links is one of the navigation bar choices that you will find at the top and bottom of every page,.

The New Acquisitions page has our most recently acquired offerings. To view these sculptures Click on the image of the bronze you are interested in looking at. If you wish to see the artist's biography Click on the artist's name under the image. You can go back and forth between the sculpture and artist's biography from either page but you must use your browser's back button or use the text link "Back to Previous Page" to return to the New Acquisitions page or access it from the Galleries Page.

The Image Galleries are entered by Clicking on either of the two large images on our opening page titled European Image Gallery or American Image Gallery. These pages require that you have a Java enabled browser. Either Netscape Navigator version 4.0 or above or Internet Explorer version 4.0 or above is required for these pages to be displayed. The sculpture galleries have been completely redesigned and will load and display within 5 seconds. The Image Galleries will show you a photograph of every sculpture we have for sale. To view information about any of the bronzes Click on the image while it is being displayed. After reading about the sculpture use the text link "Back to Previous Page" or your browser's back button to return to the rotating photographs. This is an endless loop so if you miss a bronze it will come around again. If you would like to listen to music during your visit click the link Listen to music while you view the sculptures and you will have a choice of 6 classical selections of harpsichord and piano music by Bach, Mozart, and Chopin. The performances are extraordinary and are well worth listening to on their own.

Occasionally we will have Special Exhibits which will run for a designated time period. These exhibits can be viewed by clicking the large image at the right of the standard French or American image Gallery photos on our opening page.

The number of images with their moderately high resolution, and the large full screen photographs of the art dictates that this web site is best viewed in 1024 x 768 resolution but the layout of the pages is geared to a standard 800 x 600 vga display. If you do not have a screen resolution of at least 800 x 600 you will have to scroll horizontally to view all of the page. We have tried to lay out the sculpture pages so that you can read the text on one side then scroll over to view all of the photographs for those visitors with older computers and small monitors. This web site is optimized for Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.x, 5.x and 6.x but it displays acceptably in Netscape Navigator 4.78, Navigator 6.1 and Opera 5.1.

Because you cannot actually handle the sculpture on our site we have placed our guarantee and ordering information page online so that you can review it before you make your purchase.