Joseph Victor Chemin (1825 - 1901) was born in Paris, France on August 25th 1825. Chemin was one of Antoine Louis Barye's successful students.  He first exhibited at the Salon of 1851, which also was the year his teacher, Barye, returned to the Salon.  Chemin exhibited regularly at the Salon from the years 1857 until 1894. His works were mainly of domestic animals and he did not do many of the combats that his teacher was so famous for. His bronzes of domestic animals are all very competently executed and placed in natural settings. They will be found doing things that you would expect to find if you cane across them in the normal course of a days events.  He also modeled racehorses as was popular in his day as well as wild animals, mainly foxes and hounds and a few casts of monkeys.  Chemin was a very competent sculptor but he did not have the keen interest in the physical anatomy of his subjects that his teacher and Fremiet showed.

The life of Victor Chemin is documented in the following books:

Les Animaliers by Jane Horswell (1971)
The Animaliers by James Mackay (1973)
Animals in Bronze by Christopher Payne (1986)
A Concise History of Bronzes by George Savage (1968)
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Dictionnaire des Peintres et Sculpteurs by E. Benezit (1966)

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