Pierre Lenordez (1815 - 1892) exhibited from 1855 until 1877. He was born at Vaast in the district of Manche, France. For most of his life he lived and worked in the city Caen, France. Lenordez was very popular among the socially elite of the French Riviera, especially with those in horse racing circles and he was given many commissions by prominent horse owners to do portraits in bronze of their favorite animals.  Some of his bronzes were used as racing trophies and have inscriptions of the races won by the subject.  His horse bronzes show exceptional detail and finish as well as a firm knowledge of horse anatomy.  His sculptures are always signed with his name in script and many have additional inscriptions in a scroll on their base stating the pedigree of the horse depicted, or the races that it had won. His first noted exhibition is at the Exposition Universelle in Paris in 1855 of a wax model of a stallion entitled "The Baron".  Lenordez continued to exhibit at the Salon in Paris through out his career.  Very little has been written or is actually known about the personal life of this very competent sculptor.

Pierre Lenordez's Salon exhibitions included:
In 1861 he exhibited a plaster model titled "Stallion and Brood Mare"
In 1867 he exhibited a plaster model of a mare titled "The Post Horse"
In 1874 he exhibited a terra-cotta statue titled "The Capitulation of Sedan"
In 1876 he exhibited a plaster model and a Bronze sculpture version of a Hunter with mounted Huntsman
In 1877 he exhibited a bronzed plaster of an equestrian group titled "Sultan and Slave"

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