Edwin E. Codman (1876 - 1955) was born in London, England. Codman’s family lived in Providence, Rhode Island in the 1880s, and both his brother and father began working for the Gorham Foundry.

Young Edwin studied as a sculptor in the Gorham Apprentice Program and went to Paris for a year in 1898. In 1902, Edwin, along with his father and his brother, started Codman & Codman, a silver manufacturer. They did design work for Gorham, who bought the business in 1905.

Edwin married in 1906, and he and his wife lived near the Gorham foundry. He did most of his work during this period and produced small sculptures that were cast by Gorham, and decorative objects from silver, these were retailed by Gorham. After the death of his father-in-law, Edwin Codman and his wife inherited a sizable bequest. By 1931, they had moved from Providence to Dorset, Vermont where they lived quietly by themselves until Edwin’s death in 1955.

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