Sculptor - Louis-Theophile Hingre

Title - Poule avec des poussins

Sand Cast Bronze 
 Circa 1865

6 7/8" height by 3 1/2" length 
(15 cm by 9 cm)

This sculpture has been Sold

Hingre was a talented Animalier sculptor who exhibited for many years. He created many well modeled pieces but most were done in plaster or terra cotta due to the high cost of bronze casting.

Our cast of a Hen with Chicks is rather unusual as it was never finished by the foundry and still bears the lines, marks, sprue, and vent from the sand mold that were never smoothed and filed away. It is rather amazing to see these markings and we have never come across another 19th century sculpture in an unfinished state such as this one. It has developed a natural patina in the 140 years since it was cast  

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